Erection Advisor for Saudi Arabia
a. Location : area of Ryaddh
b. Duration : around 12 months starting around mid October
c. English speaking
d. Scope of work : Erection of 12 Vertical HRSG behind GE 7001 EA GT
e. Scope of responsibilities : Mechanical Erection Advisor : Advices the erection activities, Reports on non conformities, Check dimensionnal reports, Issues FRD for his field of responsability (piping, steel structure , casing , ducting ,aso ), Reports to our Client’s Site Representative

f. Experience : Minimum 5 years as HRSG erection supervision of HRSG steel structure , casing , ducting , chimney , piping and auxiliaries
g. Working conditions : 6 days a week , 10 hours /days . According to erection activities request .
h. Rotation 3 months on site / 2 weeks for rest
i. Client cover Traveling cost , accommodation cost , local travel cost and allocation of an amount for living allowance ( food , laundry and miscellaneous cost )

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