Easy Expat International is looking for Waterways Coordinator, Hydro-Mechanical Equipment Engineer for Ethiopia.


Waterways Coordinator, Hydro-Mechanical Equipment (HME) Engineer with at least 10 years of experience.


Our client is in charge of the Construction Management and Supervision of GERDP hydroelectric project for the Ethiopian Electric Power (EEP). The Project consists of a 160 m high RCC dam, a 50 m high CFRD saddle dam and two powerhouses totalling 6000 MW of installed power. The Project is located on the Blue Nile river in the western part of the country about 750 km north-west of Addis Ababa – Ethiopia. The plant is under construction since 2011 through EPC contracts.

Scope of the works of the project:

Main Works comprise the following:

  • Construction of an RCC dam on the Blue Nile River 15 km upstream of the South-Sudan border with a foundation at elevation 500 m a.s.l.. The dam will be approximately 1780 m long and 160 m high and will have a concrete volume of 10.5 Mm3, creating a reservoir of about 75 billion m3. The dam has left and right banks with a central low block housing an ungated spillway.
  • The Saddle Dam raises the watershed from el. 600 m a.s.l. up to 646 m a.s.l. The dam follows the morphology of the watershed with a crest length of approximately 5.2 km and an ungated emergency spillway on the right bank. The maximum dam height is 50 m.
  • The two powerhouses of the open air type are situated immediately downstream of the dam on the left and right banks of the river. They are separated by a low block on the middle and linked by a road passing through a tunnel under the transformer bays. The right and left powerhouses contain ten and six turbines, respectively. Waterways comprise: trashracks, stoplogs, emergency fixed wheel gates, 8.5m diameter horizontal steel linings, 8m diameter penstocks.


The proposed project is located in the western part of Ethiopia and is part of Blue Nile (Abbay) River Basin which covers about 172,000 km2 of the Ethiopian territory. The project area is located near Bameza town near the South Sudan border.

The site is at 9-10 hours by car to Addis Ababa, 30 minutes to Guba (town of 6.000 inhabitants).


The project area is a dry steppe-type climate with annual rainfall of 850 mm. Mean monthly temperatures ranging between 23° C and 33° C.


The Waterways Coordinator will get an accommodation, on site, at the Temporary camp (el. 1420 masl) and one vehicle (shared with other team members).


6 working days per week with annual leave of 30 days.

14 weeks worked / 2 free weeks.

Mobilisation date: Start in June 2016.

Detailed tasks assigned:

Main tasks of the Waterways Coordinator include:

  • Contributing to the coordination of Contractors’ site activities relevant to Waterways (power waterways, outlets, spillways and diversion works).
  • Participating to coordination meetings on Site.
  • Analysis of construction/erection method statements for identifying and solving potential interfaces issues (between the Civil Contractor’s and EM/HSS Contractor’s scopes of work) related to Waterways.
  • Contributing to the management of interfaces issues arising on Site.
  • Liaising with Home Office and Addis Ababa Office for proper coordination of the activities.
  • Preparing a monthly report for the activities carried out.

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