For all expatriate employees, Easy Expat International provides a basic coverage including :

  • 100% disease, death and disability pensions coverage with our insurer PREVINTER: 100% refund of current medical expenses and optics (most of our competitors are seeing 90% to 95%), 100% coverage for hospitalization and dental, daily allowance in case of illness / accident 88 euros / JC, death benefit 300,000 euros

    This is the Medical PREMIUM Insurance received by all EEI employees. If you choose a family coverage (covering your spouse and your children), it will cost 420 Euros per month for your entire family.

  • Repatriation from AXA Assistance
  • Professional Liability Insurance.

French wishing to contribute to the French pension and unemployment for additional coverage:

  • French basic pension from the CFE (CNAV).
  • French supplementary managers pension to the IRCAFEX (AGIRC) on an annual gross basis to define together.
  • Unemployment with Pôle Emploi Service for Expatriates (formerly GARP Assedic Paris) on an annual gross basis to define together.

A health check needs to be performed by your doctor or by our insurance’s licensed health center.


Easy Expat International contracts are governed by Swiss law, which allows us to handle them with the same flexibility as a consultant contract.

Easy Expat International offers:

  • An employment contract if you need to be employed.
  • A sub-contract if you are freelancer (individual structure registered in the commercial register and justifying a health and repatriation coverage).

The regulation of wages is on the 10th of each month following the month worked at the receipt of a time sheet signed by the customer.

You can either opt for a full payment on your French account or a payment to the bank of your choice. EEI offers, if necessary, the possibility of opening an account in Switzerland in Euros with our partner bank.


We have chosen to publish our vacancies only on the Group’s LinkedIn page Easy Expat International’s Network.

You’ll be informed personally, automatically and in real time regarding our job offers.

You can also find on this website a summary of our vacancies.

To do this, we recommend that you go to the Group’s LinkedIn page Easy Expat International’s Network and click on JOIN.

For this you need to have a LinkedIn account. If you do not have one, we recommend that you create one. It’s easy, quick and free. Do not hesitate to contact Easy Expat International; we will help you through this step if necessary.

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