Easy Expat International is specialized in international technical assistance services and provides its clients the key skills project conception and production through the construction and commissioning for all missions worldwide.

Easy Expat International puts a range of skills at your disposal to provide operational technical teams, to support your teams on different sites abroad and to supervise the technical activities on site.

  • Qualified staff

Easy Expat International provides highly specialized supervisory and engineering staff to industrial actors.

Easy Expat International contracts qualified and immediately operational staff, whatever the duration, location and progress of your project (pre engineering, engineering, procu-rement, construction, commissioning, maintenance, operation, decom-missioning, general services and administration).

  • All hierarchical levels

The staff selected is able to act on all hierarchical levels on site (technician, foreman, supervisor, foreman, coordinator, site manager) in harmony with the state of mind and the savoir-faire of our clients.

  • Various features

The EEI technical assistance activity focuses on various features, such as: Electrical, Instrumentation, Auto-mation, Mechanical, Boiler, Piping, Engineering, Quality, HSE.

Easy Expat International provides services around project management, technical leadership, expertise and engineering phases of studies, supervision of operations activities and production facilities operations, management on construction site.