Easy Expat International

A Specialized Management Services provider to the international industry field

Dedicated to national and international groups

Our job ?

International Payroll Management, International Technical Assistance, Recruitment and Expatriation Management. Easy Expat International offers a true partnership with our corporate clients and expatriates. Each client and each expatriate receives a personalized follow-up. Easy Expat International strives to bring about collaboration and optimization after a thorough study of your projet.

Our asset ?

A wide network of partners established abroad ensures the legalization of our expatriates wherever they are on mission.

Thanks to long-standing relationships, Easy Expat International has an international network allowing us to propose to our client companies, very quickly and all over the world, qualified local staff evaluated by us.

Our secret ?

Proven expertise, continuous availability, seamless responsiveness, quick contracting, optimal coverage, and a budget always under control.

Easy Expat International will quickly provide you with qualified, competent and operational staff, regardless of the duration, location and progress of your project.

Simplified contracting. Easy Expat International acts as the employer of the staff at your disposal. You need to hire staff abroad : we contract it for you.

The expatriate staff you need for missions abroad is hired under an Easy Expat International contract and managed by us.

Easy Expat International stands out by placing people at the heart of its strategy. We systematically validate the following criteria with our candidates : references, personality, technical skills, motivation, potential and availability. Easy Expat International does not offer resumes, but competent, motivated and available men.


Our guarantee ?

Reactivity. Easy Expat International adapts to the technical, contractual and human constraints of its clients.

Flexibility. Responding to our clients’ emergencies is our priority. Easy Expat International matches its agenda to their clients one.

Reliability. Teams with proven experience and with serious references.

Transparency. It is the flagship value of our commercial and managerial relations guaranteeing both the loyalty of our expatriates and our long-term commercial relations.

Easy Expat International answers within 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Our expertise ?

Easy Expat International takes charge of all the administrative, technical, legal and logistical obligations of an international mobilization.

Easy Expat International contracts quickly freelancers and atypical profiles.

Easy Expat International insures its expatriates and their relatives in 24hours with full guarantees at the start, during and after returning from mission.

Our difference ?

The virtuous circle of co-optation.

Easy Expat International hunts the best talents. Easy Expat International’s recruitment policy, based on co-optation, guarantees the selection of the best profiles.

A breeding ground composed exclusively of specialists of Industry, with a field experience of more than 30 years, which allows us to accurately understand the needs of our customers and to answer them as accurately as possible.

Thanks to our responsiveness, our availability and our real understanding of expatriation life, Easy Expat International creates with its expatriate employees and its clients a real relationship of proximity and transparency.