We submit the profiles of professionals working in the central (electrical, nuclear, thermal, hydro) leading global producer.

True link between production and consumption, the energy transport is characterized by armoured or flight high voltage substations. The complexity of working near high-voltage field requires great knowledge of safety rules. Easy Expat International technicians have a proven experience in the sector VHV (screened & air).

More than half of our missions involve the production of energy. Our strong experience in this field gives us a detailed picture of all trades present in this sector. So we can provide our clients the appropriate expert to their needs, in the industries of energy (thermal power plant) and electrical networks, from civil engineering to the commissioning activities and revamping, employees bring their know – how and skills.

Manufacturing factory, through the civil engineering job and THT mounting generator sets, our services cover a major part of the construction and assembly of an energy complex.

We also provide staff on all fields related to these activities as HSE and Quality.

Our human resources in this field:

  • Head of Construction / Site
  • Alternator mounting Supervisor
  • Installation Supervisor BOP electrical or mechanical
  • Welder / Pipefitter
  • Gas turbine assembly Supervisor
  • Alternator Manufacturing Supervisor (winding rotor / stator)
  • Quality Engineer QA / QC
  • HSE Manager or Coordinator

The on-shore or offshore exploitation in Oil and Gas requires very specific technical profiles. Part of the Easy Expat International pool comes from this field – exploration, production, storage, transportation, refining.


The experience of our agents in the field and their expertise can cover a wide range of products.

Our human resources in this field:

  • Technician
  • Shift Supervisor
  • Commissioning Engineer
  • Commissioning Supervisor
  • Commissioning Manager

This industry has the same needs that central power generation in terms of technical resources. The transformation of raw materials such as cement, paper, steel, or even the treatment of wastewater and sludge requires heavy processes that have mastered the staff Easy Expat International  makes available to its clients.


Our human resources in this field :

  • Driving Agent
  • Shift Supervisor
  • Operating Chief Engineer
  • Major or Minor Maintenance Technician

The experience of our agents in the field and their expertise can cover the sectors of construction, public works, structural worksrailway

Our human resources in this field:

  • Foreman
  • Supervisor
  • Site Manager
  • Site Manager

Services Provision

Easy Expat International operates services around project mana-gement, technical leadership, expertise and engineering phases of studies, supervision of operations activities and production facilities operations, management and supervising construction site.

Easy Expat International’s expertise covers activities such as Electrical, Instrumentation, Auto-mation, Mechanical, Boiler, Piping, Engineering, Quality, and HSE.

Qualified Staff

Easy Expat International provides supervisory personnel and highly specialized engineering to in-dustrial actors.

Easy Expat International provides quickly qualified and immediately operational staff, whatever the duration, location and progress of your project (pre engineering, engineering, procurement, cons-truction, commissioning, main-tenance, operation, de-commissioning, general services and administration).

All Hierarchical levels

Easy Expat International’s expertise covers activities covers all hierarchical levels on site (technician, foreman, supervisor, foreman, coordinator, site manager) in harmony with our clients.